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Same Day Dispatch* | Fast Shipping | NZ based Stock

The new Henson Safety Razor, a precision-made razor that is machined out of aluminum in Canada.

Designed and manufactured with extreme precision in mind. Henson has applied aerospace processes to achieve remarkable low tolerances on critical dimensions through the machining and anodizing process.

The blade support creates the most accurate blade exposure on the market, which means you can be ensured that each razor holds the blade at the correct angle and gap to give you the perfect shave.

Manufactured in the same facility that produces components for the Mars Rover and the International Space station, this razor is durable and should last for many years of worry-free shaves.

What this means for you is a noticeably better shave that just feels different. It truly is one of a kind.

  • New Version 2022 with softened edges and added bevels
  • Three-piece safety razor
  • Medium aggression
  • Feels nimble yet purposeful
  • Non-traditional, aerospace engineering with exacting tolerances
  • Handle Length: 95mm
  • Overall Weight: 37g

 Product of Canada

Henson Shaving is redesigning your safety razor. Named after the man to first patent the t-shape razor (that Gillette eventually developed into ubiquitous tool in use today), Henson Shaving is going back to the engineering drawing board to bring you exacting tolerances and construction.

Brand: Henson Shaving

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andrew T. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes

Well, its light, it looks good, and yes a close shave, however its very over priced for a piece of Aluminium. I found I could shave with it very quickly by standing under the shower, so no brush on shaving cream required. However I'm going back to electric shaving for the pure convenience, selling this online will more than pay for the electric shaver I bought for less. The FineShave website would not accept the discount code I had, only the Henson website itself would. Recommending only for the hardcore blade shavers, if you are on the fence, just get a new modern electric shaver.

adam w. (Whangarei, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
The redesign that works extremely well

I have arthritis in my hands so looking for shaver which is light and effective became my goal. After some research Henderson AL 13 seemed to fit that bill. Now that I own it, my research payed off - it does fit the bill. It's light, easy to use, simple to clean, and just a joy to use. For me not having extra pain in my hands and wrists after shaving has been an added bonus. I would recommend to anyone with or without arthritis.

Ryan C. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Henson AL13 Med

My best razor so far. It's well worth a try. It's light and everything about it says precision.

Shaun (Nelson, New Zealand)
Great razor!

This razor has been engineered superbly well. No nicks or rash whatsoever. Very happy with my purchase. Haven’t tried it with any other blades apart from the Derby’s. Highly recommended.

Eric K. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
No turning back!

For a while I’ve been thinking of making the change from the supermarket throw away head razors to the double edge safety’s. Finally I’ve made the switch! I was concerned about cutting myself to shreds but this particular razor is great for this newbie. Great design, looks great. I have the medium and I think that’s a good start. I recommend thinking of how you’re going to dispose of the used razor blades. I bought a razor bank, which are cheap, worth it and safe. FineShave were awesome. Quick postage! Do it. Make the change!

Levin B. (Miranda, New Zealand)
Finally a Razor to look forward to shaving with

I came to Frank around me wanting to look to going back to my grandfather's way of shaving, and I had already come across Henson Shaving's AL13. After a few questions around which would be the best style between Mild & Medium, decided to go the Medium path. Just got my kit arrive in time for my morning shave.

And can't stop raving about the finish at the end of the shave. Minimal irritation(which should soothe with more uses), Clean finish and super easy to use.

A BIG THUMBS UP from me. And Bye Bye Cartridge razors!