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XL Leather Strop (480mm x 80mm) crafted with the finest cowhide, Herold Solingen's 180 Prima Rindleder Leather Strop is the perfect accessory to keep your straight razor as sharp as new.
This fine strop offers more width to your razor, lending you ample surface area to sharpen more of your blade at once. Keep this leather tool nearby, and your cherished straight razor will never need replacing.

With repeated use the blade of any razor gets dull, your straight razor is not ready for use until it’s stropped. Stropping smoothes out any rough edges and realigns the blade, it removes the microscopic nicks and burrs even though you might not be able to see them.

How to use:
Pull the strop taut and using light pressure run the blade horizontally up the leather surface with the blade flat against the leather. Once at the end flip over the blade and run horizontally back down the strop.

- Stropping Area: 38cm x 8cm

Made in Solingen, Germany

Since 1919, Herold Solingen has been producing premium quality leather strops as razor honing tools. Made by Kohl & Laibach out of Solingen, Germany, these strops use a special Russian leather and a vegetable tanning process to create strops of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Brand: Herold Solingen

Customer Reviews

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Mike H. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Herold Solingen Rindleder Leather Strop - 480mm x 80mm

Fantastic product and a great price! Wide enough to fit my whole razor when stropping.