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Herold Solingen Strop Paste Block (Green & Red) - "Spring Clearance"

By Herold Solingen

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"Spring Clearance" Sale
Product may have been opened or have missing/damaged packaging. All goods are new but might be discontinued - last pieces - floor stock - slightly damaged.

2x Packs of Solid Strop Paste.

Green : It provides a high abrasive intensity. This great severity sharpening level is recommended for razors that need a strong sharpening.
Red : Medium sharpening level effect perfect for pre-sharpening. Red strop is recommended for razors that do not need an extreme sharpening.

- Please do not mix pastes on the same strop. Just use one kind of paste per strop.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

Other Paste descriptions:

Color Red: Medium grind effect for pre-sharpening.
Color Black: Low grinding effect for fine-sharpening and polishing.
Color Green: High abrasive intensity for strong sharpening effect.

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