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Herold Solingen Strop Paste in Tube (Yellow 601)

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By Herold Solingen

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Every now and then your leather strop needs some care with this Yellow Strop Paste in a Tube. Keep your strop in top condition by massaging the Herold Solingen Special Paste into your leather strop back and forth with your thumb. This is important to maintain the quality of the leather.

The sharpening pastes should be used only on a strop reserved for that specific purpose and dedicated to that particular grit of paste.

- Yellow Strop Paste in a Tube
- contains no abrasives
- used to condition the leather belt
- no grinding or polishing effect with this paste
- it keeps leather supple and without cracks

Made in Germany

Other Paste descriptions:

Color White, Application: For Canvas, Grinding action : Low
Color Yellow, Application: Leather care, Grinding action : Low
This paste is used to keep you strope flexible and smooth. There is no grinding effect with this paste.

Color Red, Application: For red leather sides, Grinding action : Medium
The paste has a fine grind and is used to sharpen the blade.

Color Green, Application: For green leather sides, Grinding action : Great
The paste has a stronger grind than the red paste and is used to sharpen the blade.

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