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Same Day Dispatch* | Fast Shipping | NZ based Stock

The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty razor is considered by many to be the standard for double-edge razors.
This razor is an excellent beginner safety razor.  A rock solid, well-rounded razor that is not only beautiful, but will last forever. It has a short-length handle with a larger diameter giving it a hefty feel in your hand while shaving. The added weight and short handle provide a good balance to comfortably achieve the proper cutting angle. It shaves well for all skin types and better than most new modern brands.
The enduring quality of the Merkur has made this safety razor a popular choice for generations. Solid and stylish in design, the Merkur 34C comes in a polished chrome finish and includes one free Merkur Double Edge Razor Blade.
It accepts all standard double-edge blades.

Made in Germany by Merkur of Solingen - makers of the finest traditional safety razors.

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Brand: Merkur

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Garry G. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Great product

I am very pleased with the Merkur 34C. It is my first closed comb razor, and I actually prefer it to the open comb, and I love the handle grip. An exceedingly smooth shave, with no nicks, so what more could I ask for. A very well made product as one would expect from Merkur.

T (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
My first safety razor

This was the first safety razor i’ve ever used and i’m very happy with the product.

I went to the supermarket to buy a refill on razors for my cartridge razor and it was 4 for $28 and now I can buy over an entire years worth of blades for that price.

Better shave, better for the environment and cheaper than cartridge razors. Wins all around!

Gareth H. (Nelson, New Zealand)
Good razor, great service

This is my first traditional safety razor. I’ve been using mainstream brand cartridge razors for years. I decided to switch for environmental reasons (less plastic waste) and cost after picking up another $25 pack of 4 cartridge blades.

This particular model kept coming up on multiple websites as one of the best razors for beginners to safety razor shaving. It is easy to use, gives a good close shave. I have had trouble for years with ingrown hairs when shaving against the grain with cartridge razors and stopped doing so and tolerated a longer/less smooth shave for several years. I’ve returned to shaving against the grain and had no problems yet with this razor.

Fineshave’s service was fast with delivery to SI the day after ordering. I have made subsequent purchases with similar speeds.

William (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Simple safety razor, feels solid and I get a nice shave from it. Handle is quite short but it suits me fine.

Sam N. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great razor

Really high quality razor. The handle was shorter than I expected and also shorter than my last one but I quickly got use to it and now prefer the style. Highly recommend

Kelvin S.C. (Auckland, New Zealand)
First time double edge

First time double edge user - so a bit of a newbie - but I find this a great unit - very solid - easy to use, hassle free. Should have made the switch years ago.

Eric B. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Highly recommended

My first, old school, saftey razor. I was taken aback by how effortlessly it cut when paired with the feather blades i purchased alongside. Very smooth finish, not cuts where there would usually be, and apparently very durable also. Highly recommended.

T Y. (Auckland, New Zealand)

Great razor

Tony K. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Mercur 34C Heavy Duty

Very happy with this razor and the resulting shaves. All aspects of my purchase from FineShave have been first class. Highly recommend.

D (Manaia, New Zealand)

Awesome little razor...does the job nicely