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Free Shipping over $100 | Same Day Dispatch til 3PM | Covid-19 Update >

Merkur 38C HD "Barber Pole" Safety Razor

by Merkur
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$89.99 - $89.99
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Merkur have combined the best features of their most popular razors to come up with this fantastic shaving tool! Based on the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty, but with a slightly longer handle. The innovative design of this two part safety razor has a turning knob at the base of the handle that releases the screw rod for blade replacement. The handle has a dense brass core and is equipped with the same precision head as other Merkur classics.
The longer handle is just perfect for those with large hands and makes a shaving companion for years to come. With its bar-type guard, the Merkur 38C safety razor allows you to enjoy an extra close, comfortable, and smooth shave.

- Long Handle
- Chrome plated solid brass core
- Weight: 115 gr
- Handle Length: 105 mm
- It accepts all standard double-edge blades.

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Merkur is a trusted name in the men’s shaving industry, with an amazing range of highly functional and affordable razors. The German-based company designs premium quality safety razors that make a practical grooming accessory for men of all ages. Used since generations of wet shaving lovers, Merkur razors last a lifetime and continue to offer the perfect shave every day to both beginners and advanced shavers.

Made in Germany by Merkur of Solingen - makers of the finest traditional safety razors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Grant B. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Good razor

Bought 2 of these- one for myself and one for my 16 year old son. We shared a special Saturday morning where I taught him to shave properly!

Dean S. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Awesome razor

This was my introduction to the world of DE razors and I love it. Easily the best shave I've ever had.

The razor has a nice weight to it and changing blades is brilliantly easy.

Ive tried a few other razors but hand down this is my favourite.

Daniel H. (Christchurch, New Zealand)

My first safety razor, a bit of a learning curve but I’m sure I’ll get better with practice. Give the closes shave I have ever had and I get way less irritation than I used to with cartridge razors.

Robert (Hamilton, New Zealand)
Feckin’ awesome

I’m getting older and my chicken neck was a bad match for the cut throat. I bought this safety razor and it is a delight to use. In look forward to shaving in the morning

Merkur 38C Barber pole

As newbie to DE razors, I'm glad I own this one. Fits my large hands, and the weight makes for an easy shave.


Never going back to a cartridge razor again. Love the morning ritual of a proper shave and the barberpole Merkur is a delight.