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Contains the finest Beeswax derived from Australian Honey Bee's.

Murray's Beeswax is easy to apply yet stiff enough for the most demanding hair styles. A must for braids dreadlocks and other hard to hold styles. The excretions provide a stiff wax that is soft and easy to apply.
  • Great for large curls and dreadlocks
  • Seals ends and conditions hair
  • Strong hold
  • Seals ends and conditions
  • Wash out with a few applications of a strong shampoo

Made in the USA

TIPS from Murray's:

Experiment with the product - The most important tip is to always start with a small amount and build up.
Pomades, by nature, were developed to stay in the hair. If you intend on washing the product out every day it is important to not put too much in.

Softening the Product - Either rub in the palms of your hands or place the can under a hairdryer for a few minutes.
Originally, the pomades were developed to sit on a stove, hence the tin can, however, we do not recommend this method.

Creating Waves - Work the product into hair and scalp and brush it into wave pattern.

Spiking - Start with the product at the base of the hair shaft and work toward the hair ends.

Removing the Product - Murray's was originally formulated to stay in the hair, therefore, getting it out may be difficult for some hair types. Use a strong clarifying shampoo or liquid dishwashing soap and work into dry hair, slowly add small amounts of water to build foam, as the foam dissipates add more water, do this a few times prior to rinsing. There are many other ways which customers have submitted to us including, wash with Coca-Cola, Use a hairdryer and a fine-toothed comb to melt the wax and pull it out.

Brand: Murray’s

Customer Reviews

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Jason (Auckland, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: No
Mostly not beeswax

I should have read the title before buying this because I was looking for beeswax and I was duped by the "100% beeswax" claim. Sure, it actually says "with" 100% beeswax but that's sort of misleading when you think about it. The beeswax that's in it, which isn't very much, is obviously 100% beeswax because how could it not be? There could be 0.001 grams of beeswax in it, but that would still be "with 100% beeswax" because the small amount of beeswax is still 100% beeswax. It's pretty clear that the manufacturers of this product are trying to intentionally mislead idiots like me who don't read labels properly.
Anyway there's nothing wrong with the product itself or the shop I bought it from but the main ingredient in this is 'petrolatum' which is basically Vaseline, so if you like putting Vaseline in your hair then this could be for you because that's what you'll be doing.