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Natural Atomizer Spray Pump (orange)

Item No: PR168

By Floid

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This atomiser is designed to be used with large 400ml bottles of Floid or Proraso aftershave.
It's a natural way to apply your favorite aftershave, the fine spray can also be more economical. Used by Barbers and professionals looking for old-school style and authenticity, the atomiser is just as good for home and personal use.

The atomiser is screwed on to the bottle in place of the cap and squeezing the pump produces a fine mist of your aftershave of choice.

- Color : Black
- Simply screw atomizer on in place of cap
- Total length 320mm
- Pump 95mm x 50mm
- Aftershave NOT included

Please note that this atomiser will only fit the 400ml XL Barber size bottles of Floid, Vitos or Proraso, NOT the 150ml or 100ml bottles.