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Omega Alum Stick 60gr

Item No: PR421

By Omega

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Omega's new alum stick is a traditional and all natural product which helps seal small nicks and cuts. It acts as an astringent and can be uses to tone the skin leaving it smooth and silky after shaving. This cylinder alum block is more comfortable to apply due to its rounded shape and the alum is housed in a protective tube for safe storage.
Simply wet the stone and rub on affected area.

Not only does it aid in soothing skin irritation, but the properties in the Alum block ensure that the hairs on your face grow straight out from your face and neck, which prevents ingrown hairs.

- Pure Natural Potassium Alum
- 60gr Alum block Stick
- Hygienic patented storage tube
- New style cylinder shape

Important note:
Don't use the alum block before wet-shaving.
Please do not use around eyes or sensitive areas.