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From the legendary Gillette Factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. These Platinum blades are some of the finest DE blades available today. They fit any and all DE razors and should provide excellent shaves with clean and comfortable results. Very sharp blades, less aggressive than Feather which gives a nice and comfortable shave.

1 Packs of 5 Blades

Made in Russia

Fits any traditional double edge safety razor including Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Parker, Weishi and more...

Temporary Price Increase due to sanctions on imports from Russia :
New Zealand has imposed sanctions on Russia in response to their illegal invasion of Ukraine.
All imported goods of Russian origin are now charged an additional 35% duty fee.
For more information please visit

Brand: Gillette

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason (Richmond, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
More aggressive than other Gillette blades

I found these Gillette Platinum Blue blades to be more aggressive on my fairly standard European beard than the other Gillette products I've tried.

DC (Woolston, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
Blade comparison

These blades are excellent. Smooth, last really well, excellent cut. Equal for me with Wilkinson's

Murray C. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Simply Fantastic

OK. Found my favourite blade to date for my shave. After only trying one blade, it surpasses the other 20 or so types of blades I have tried. Sharp and really smooth giving me a damn fine shave. My 5th shave was the best shave I have had. I managed to grab the last packet available from Frank. I rate these as my best very sharp, ultra smooth, great shaving blade. I think the Gillette blacks are a step down from these as are the other Gillette platinums in the blue and silver writing box, which, I think are a tad smoother than these platinum blue pack blades. Minimal irritation, easy 5 shaves (this will be my first blade that I will see how many good shaves I can get from it) If you find Feather, Nacet, Permasharps too harsh for your skin, these and the other two I have mentioned are the way to go. Expensive but definitely worth it.