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Same Day Dispatch* | Fast Shipping | NZ based Stock

Perma-sharp Super DE Razor Blades

1 Pack of 5x Blades

Made in Russia

Fits any traditional double edge safety razor including Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Parker, Weishi and more...

Temporary Price Increase due to sanctions on imports from Russia :
New Zealand has imposed sanctions on Russia in response to their illegal invasion of Ukraine.
All imported goods of Russian origin are now charged an additional 35% duty fee.
For more information please visit

Brand: Perma-Sharp

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vivienne (Hamilton, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes

These are sharp blades and give a clean smooth shave. I think they feel similar to Nacet but may be a bit smoother.

Andy B. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Shaving your head?

The difference between hair on your head and your face is not small, but these blades do the job amazingly. They are proper sharp so best for experienced users, but the finish is smoooth!

Joseph B. (Upper Hutt, New Zealand)
Current go-to blade

This are great blades -- sharp, efficient, and smooth. I'd rate them as less aggressive than the Feather blades, but the seem to cut just as close and just as efficiently. Give them a try.