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Pack of 5x Tiger Platinum Stainless Razor Blades

by Tiger     SKU PR1960
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Tiger blades are produced by the former manufacturer of the Astra blades from the Czech Republic.

Platinum coated to reduces irritation, these blades offer an excellent combination of smoothness, sharpness, and longevity and are sure to become a favorite.
Suitable for all skin types and beard types.

1 Pack of 5 Blades

Made in the Czech Republic

Fits any traditional double edge safety razor including Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Parker, Weishi and more...

Brand: Tiger

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Scott (Auckland, New Zealand)
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Sharp and Smooth

I’ve been using DE razors for about a year now and have been experimenting with a wide variety of blades. I put these in the cart to reach the minimum for free shipping. Expectations weren’t high for these blades given that they are some of the cheapest in the store, but I have been thoroughly impressed with both the sharp edge and their smoothness. The cheaper price point makes me feel better about swapping the blades out more frequently and I’ve noticed that I’m definitely getting better results this way. I’ve been using each blade for 2-3 shaves and they deliver BBS results with 3 passes. I will definitely buy again.

H.S. (Canterbury, New Zealand)
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Tiger de blades

Smooth and sharp blades. Lasts 3-4 shaves, 2-3 passes with minimal discomfort or nicks. My favourite blades.

L. W. (Auckland, New Zealand)
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Good so far!

Not many cheaper blades have worked for me, so I keep going back to the tried and true (Astra SP, Gillette blacks) so it's been a nice surprise to find one which is reasonably sharp & smooth. Thanks for the great service, FineShave!

Steve H. (Auckland, New Zealand)
New Favourite?

I have been using Astra Superior Platinum for quite a few years now and they have been my "go to" blades despite trying others. I'm not sure if it is my imagination or not but I've found the Astra SP not to be at the same quality as they were about 7 years ago. I'm finding them to be less smooth and don't last as many shaves as they used to. Although fairly sharp, I found they dull out far sooner than I like. I still like them although I wanted to find something else that was as sharp yet smoother and last a little longer. I did some online research and based on some positive reviews I went for a single pack of the Tiger blades just to trial. This was paired with my Muhle R106 as well as some of my vintage Gillettes - nice and smooth yet efficient. I also tried it with a recently purchased Razorock German 37 Slant - perfect! I have really heavy coarse facial hair and really sensitive skin. The finest shaves I've had in a very long time, with no nicks nor any irritation, especially when paired with the Razorock German 37 (purchased from Fineshave). The blade has kept it's efficiency over 3 - 4 shaves and I haven't found any tugging so far. I haven't had these for very long to fully apraise the longevity and results may be different for others (different skin types, razors and shaving technique) but I've since ordered a bulk quantity to have on hand and I will likely reach for these first before using up my reserves of Astra SP blades. I did say these are early days and my opinion could change but so far I'm quite impressed. Considering the price vs performance ratio, I think Tiger Platinum blades are an excellent deal.

Joseph B. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Smooth blade

This is a smooth yet efficient blade. I prefer slightly more blade feel but if you like a milder blade that does all you need in one pass, then I'd consider Tiger. Highly recommend.

Nick P. (Canterbury, New Zealand)
Mild and Smooth

Mild and smooth blade. Close and comfortable shave when used with the right technique..