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Same Day Dispatch* | Fast Shipping | NZ based Stock

Proraso Shaving Brushes are the favoured shaving brushes for professional barbers around the world.

The result of a collaboration between Proraso and the famous Omega company ensures a perfect shave. The high quality of the bristles, their greater length and stiffness will give you the edge to transform soap into a denser & richer foam. Better with soaps than creams, this large Proraso Shaving Brush is amazing value for money. 

The brush handle is made from highly shiny, lightweight thermoplastic.
Natural boar hairs feel good on the skin and the large grip makes the brush nice and easy to handle.

- Long bristles excellent for creating a rich lather
- Exfoliates the skin
- Chrome effect ABS handle
- Weight 74 grams
- Knot (at base): 27-28 mm
- Loft: 57 mm
- Handle: 63 mm x 41 mm
- Total height 120 mm

Made for Proraso by Omega in Italy 

Please Note : This brush has a large knot size, which is a bit to large for most brush stands.

When possible try to hang your brush for drying. This will help to maintain the condition of your brush, as it stops water from gathering in the handle.

Brand: Proraso

Customer Reviews

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Jaco P. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
Proraso Boar Shaving Brush

My first foray into safety razors so have no frame of reference. The brush works a charm, only a slight boar hair smell that quickly dissipated. Love the chunky handle and the bristle works up an epic lather once broken in.
The peeps from Fineshave were a breeze to deal with - highly recommend support the team!

Also, Epstein didn't kill himself.

Christian H.
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes


A (Wellington, New Zealand)
Do you recommend this Product?: Yes
A reliable performer!

My first Proraso boar brush that had been with me for 13 years fell off the shelf and shattered during an earthquake a few weeks ago. Great backbone and soft tips, I missed it so much, that I just had to get myself another one.

The brush was already soft enough to face lather straight out the box (after soaking of course), and most bristles had their end split already just after the first shave. It took about 5 shaves to get rid of the funk, around 7 shaves for shedding to stop, and for the bristles to stop "eating lather". From my experience with the first one, this brush would fully break in, reaching full capacity in performance after 25 shaves or so. It would always retain a fairly small degree of scritchness while face lathering in circular motion. If you are looking for almost-scritch-free brushes, get a synthetic. If you want an almost-scritch-free boar, go for a Semogue 830. Bear in mind that the handle of this Proraso boar is of very light hollow plastic with chrome plating, and might peel and get brittle over time, depending on the use and care.

After all, a great reliable performer to have in rotation. Five stars for both the product and service.

Guy H. (Browns Bay, New Zealand)
A really great shaving brush

Love this! Gives a more exfoliating feeling on the skin compared to a Badger bristle, which I like. Generous loft and a chunky, heavy handle give this brush a bit more 'heft' than others. Feels substantial in the hand. Took around a week to run it in with the Boar bristles, but well worth the wait.

Prompt delivery

With a trip away shortly everything was of high quality and met my expectations on the purchases I made.

Lovely texture

Once it's broken in this brush is able to create an amazing lather. For the first couple of shaves use conditioner afterwards to soften the bristles and to stop the wet dog smell typical with boar brushes. Thanks fineshave


Great tracking system! Prompt service

great brush

needs a good hot water soak, but then all good brushes do. I love the larger size of this brush, especially in the hand. Out performs brushes 3 times the cost.

A great bold brush

I saw this brush a year ago, but couldn't get it, so have used a couple of smaller badger brushes. I wanted this one for its larger size; it really does fit your whole hand (as opposed to your fingers with the badgers). I've only had it a week now, so I am yet to break it in (like badgers it gets better with every use), but I'm already very pleased with its lather.

Jim V.
Proraso Shaving Brush ( Boar )

Most of the shaving brushes I own are boar.
I have a Omega 48 purchased second hand close to 6 months ago, an Omega 31064 and a Semogue Owners Club boar shaving brush.
I purchased the Semogue Owners club very recently.
Although Semogue brushes are very much fancied by a lot of people I personally have found that I prefer the Omega brushes to the Semogue Owners Club - all be it I understand there is a long break in period with the Semogue Owners Club and mine won't be broken in.
I have found the Proraso brush a lot softer and in my view more effective right from the first use.
I prefer the Proraso to the Omega 48 that I bought second hand.
The Proraso brush has a significantly shorter loft than the Omega 48 that I have.
I generally prefer the Proraso's shorter loft.
I am unsure if the latest Omega 48 has the same shorter loft as the Proraso brush.
As a bang for buck brush I would think it would be very hard to beat.
Service from FineShave as in past purchases via Trademe has been excellent.