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In 17th century Venice, Plague doctors wore a beaked mask filled with sweet smells such as dried flowers, herbs and spices. They believed the plague was spread by a noxious form of bad air and that their special fragrant blend would protect them. On a recent trip to Italy, we were given "the recipe" which was supposedly used by these Plague doctors. We can't confirm that it'll safeguard you from any future plagues but it sure smells divine. We have recreated the Plague doctor's fragrance and now offer it in our Italian shaving soap and after shaving splash.

This soap produces a great lather for razor glide and luxurious post shave face feel. The big jar makes it easy to load your brush and get your shave on.

Scent: From 17th century Venice, white musk, herbs & spices.

Size: 150 ml

Made in Italy using artisan methods.

Tips: RazoRock Italian shaving soaps are formulated to be used with a traditional shaving brush. To use this shaving soap, simply swirl a wet shaving brush on top of the soap for 30-40 seconds, then you can either complete the lather right on your face or in a lathering bowl, add droplets of water to the lather until you reach your desired consistency. Less water will make for a thicker and pastier lather, more water will make a slicker and thinner lather. Make sure to let the soap fully dry before covering it again with the lid. If you are using the soap daily, there is no need to cover it.

Brand: RazoRock