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RazoRock Quick Change Butterfly Safety Razor

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By RazoRock

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The RazoRock Quick-Change DE has beautiful mirror-like chroming and feels substantial in your hand at 68 grams.
This might be the best MAN-GIFT ever. In case you need some more convincing, DE blades cost between 5 and 10 cents; compare that to cartridge blades... I don't have to tell you what they cost.

How to Change the Blade:
1. Turn the knob at the button of the razor handle to the left and the two doors on the head open.
2. Unwrap a new DE blade and carefully drop it over the centre bar.
3. With the DE blade properly seated in the head, turn the knob at the button of the handle to the right and the two doors on the head will close.

Do not over-tighten the knob.

TO CLEAN, loosen the doors and rinse under warm water, there is no need to remove the blade.

Material: Chrome plated alloy
Overall length: 95 mm
Handle length: 85 mm
Weight: 68 grams

Customer Reviews

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Great Razor well balanced.


A great wee razor. Easy to use, nicely weighted and it just glides over the face. A great entry level razor that takes no time to master.

Amazing razor!

I've loved using this razor. I'm a female so I use it for different reasons than its original intention! I wanted to decrease my environmental footprint this year so a stainless steel razor seemed like the best option + I was so happy to see it shipped in biodegradable packaging. The razor itself is really easy to use and I've only knicked myself once (first time I used it, was still learning the ropes!). All in all, it's been great so far and I'm really enjoying the clean + easy shave. Looking forward to continuing to use this store in future. Thanks again!