Semogue S.O.C. Two Band Badger Shaving Brush (Ivory)

Semogue S.O.C. Two Band Badger Shaving Brush (Ivory)

Item No: PR1497

By Semogue

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New model of the Owners Club Series

The Semogue Owners Club 2-Band Finest Badger Shaving Brush is a classic wet-shaving tool to help give you a smooth shave. Its two-band bristles are soft with strong backbone to create an exceptional lather and gently massage skin. This rare hair comes from the North of China from the badger species "Meles Meles" also known as European Badger or Eurasian Badger.

A luxurious brush set in a gorgeous white Taj Resin handle. The Semogue line of brushes has become the most desirable shaving accessory due to their finely crafted quality and outstanding stylish appearance.

All Semogue brushes feature a metal ring as a hallmark of uncompromising quality; the ring is there as an added measure to hold the bristles in place snugly. The brush is very luxurious and is an absolute pleasure to use. Handmade by Semogue and meeting the high standards of master craftsman Mr Gomes in his family run factory.

Overall Length - 110mm.
Handle Length - 57mm.
Loft - 53mm.
Knot - 24mm.

Made in Portugal