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Simpsons Shaving Brush Travel Case (Large)

Item No: PR517

By Simpsons



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This large Simpson travel tube is the ideal storage solution for most Simpson shaving brushes. This tube can also be used with most other shaving brushes from small to large, please see below for dimensions to ensure your brush will fit.
Don't let hair of your shaving brush get damage when travelling. Simpsons travel case will keep your shaving brush safe in your wash bag.

- Colour Faux Ivory
- Screw top lid & drip hole

Inner Measures:
120mm long
43mm internal diameter

This tube is a ideal fit for the Proraso Boar Shaving Brush.

Made in England

Please note that this travel tube will hold the majority of Simpson shaving brushes excluding the Harvard 5 & 6, the Chubby 3, the Polo 10, 12 & 14. However, some of the smaller sized brushes may rattle around within the tube owing to its size – the tube is very much generic and not designed for any one brush in particular.
Also the Omega 48 hair is too long to fit this tube.

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