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Arko Shaving Soap Stick

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By Arko

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The Arko shave stick has been used by generations of Turkish barbers and shavers.

Crisp, clean and fresh scent and superb lather make this soap a best buy. Don't let the low price fool you: this is a world class, high quality shaving stick.
This soap lathers easily and quickly, it builds a very thick and lubricating lather.
A true value and a whole lot of shaving Bang, which will last for months.
Set yourself free from supermarket cans of chemically packed gel goop.

 - 75 gram

Made in Turkey.

How to use a Soap Stick :
Rub the stick against the grain all over your wet beard, then brush briskly with a wet shaving brush and the lather will appear as if by magic.
Or dip the tip of the stick into hot water for some seconds and give your brush a couple of rubs against the stick. Now you can create fantastic lather on your face or in a bowl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
P.H. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Great product

Great value for money. Excellent lather and lasts for ages (12months+ shaving every other day). You may or may not like the scent. I would describe it as a classic barber scent in saying that, I've never smelt it anything like it before. Worth a try

Peter D. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great soap

My soap of choice. This soap would be the best value for money I have come across. Great price, excellent lather for a good shave. Some comments made say it has a scent, maybe it has but I can't smell it. Not that it makes any difference. Excellent price point coupled with an excellent lather is all that matters to me.

Moses (Auckland, New Zealand)
Works very well

Builds a nice lather, a little seems to go a long way, don't find the scent bad, actually I don't find it very strong at all, for the price this stuff is hard to beat

Malcolm W. (Te Aroha, New Zealand)

Great product. Have been using for some years now and enjoy the scent. No problems

SteveR (Tauranga, New Zealand)

Awsome lather . But I'm absolutely NO fan of the scent . To me it's like toilet cleaner . For the price I doubt you'd get a better lather .


One of the best lathers I've used so far. Love the scent. Outstanding glide and lubrication. Leaves your skin smelling fresh and nourished. Doesn't dry out your skin.

Very good!

Super easy to use. I use with or sometimes without a brush. Makes lather super easily and is slippery as hell.

Arko is great at the price

It is a good base level soap. I still haven't decided about the scent but at the price who cares. It's a good back up and travel soap.

Kirstin B.
Good Stuff

The stick was pretty good, but I definitely prefer the Arko shaving cream in the tube better. Easier to manage, store & reuse. Good to know. I’ll wait till you get the tube Arko back in stock & order that later. Cheers

Andrew B.

Hunted all over for shave sticks not available in stores, ordered 6 used it and then ordered another 6. Also the service was very quick 2 days from ordering to delivery.