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Tabac Original Shaving Soap (125gr Refill)

Item No: PR70

By Tabac

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Tabac Original shaving soap produced a rich creamy lather and possesses the original classic Tabac scent. The performance of Tabac shaving soap is second to none and will help provide a shave free from irritation. When foamed up with a brush and water, Tabac Shaving Soap yields a full-bodied foam, softening the hair of the beard and permitting the razor blade to glide smoothly over the skin.
Created in 1959, Tabac Original is a sharp, gentle, floral fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of bergamot, neroli, lavender and is accented with tobacco, oakmoss and vanilla making Tabac Original for the gentlest of shaves.

- 125g refill puck
- Fits perfectly into the Mühle wood bowl

Made in Germany by Maurer & Wirtz