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Same Day Dispatch* | Fast Shipping | NZ based Stock

Tabac shaving soap produced a rich creamy lather and possesses the original classic Tabac scent.

The performance of Tabac shaving soap is second to none and will help provide a shave free from irritation. Produces a full-bodied lather When used with a brush and water, softening the hair of the beard and permitting the razor blade to glide smoothly over the skin

  • Big 100g Stick
  • Refills can be purchased separately

Made in Germany by Maurer & Wirtz

How to use a Soap Stick :

  • Use warm water to wet your beard
  • Rub the stick against the grain all over your beard
  • Use a wet shaving brush to build lather directly on your face
  • For bowl lathering: Dip the tip into hot water for some seconds and give your brush a few rubs against the stick
  • Tip: Keep adding a little water while working the brush on the face. It quickly adds more volume to the lather. Stop when you are satisfied and shave.

Brand: Tabac